Roaring Engines: Ford Cobra


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No car exhibition would be truly complete without the requisite Ford20140314_150828 20140314_150738Say hello to these striped sisters from the 60s.

Hope you enjoyed this short series. Remember, only 3 days left to the end of the exhibition so try and get down there if you can! :)

Roaring Engines: Rewaco Trikes


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You see all sorts of cars on the roads in UAE, but to be honest, these were a first for me. It’s a car… it’s a bike… it’s a trike?


Say hello to the Rewaco Trikes.

Who wouldn’t want a ride on one of these ^^


For more about the Roaring Engines exhibition:

Don’t want to give it all away so the last entry of this short series is coming soon! ^^

Roaring Engines: Toyota Supra


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This weekend, most of the family was carted off to Sahara Centre where the Roaring Engines car exhibition is being held. Now Sharjah is home to its own Classic Car Museum but if your family, like many, associate museums with long hours of boredom, then you may find it difficult to convince them to tag along. That’s why having the exhibition in a mall is a great way to persuade them otherwise. 20140314_152202

Where to begin… let’s start right at the end. :) The cars are spread across three floors of the East Atrium so we’ll start with the yellow Toyota Supra, complete with yellow tinting, housed on the 3rd floor. 20140314_152241Crowning Jewel: The colourful engine. :)

To find out more about the exhibition:

If you think you can get your family to the museum… and remember entry is free from the 17th to 20th this March!



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20140311_123336_1After making this 2000 piece beauty, I’ve decided to add Portofino to my list of must-visit places. I wasn’t too sure if the puzzle was a good representation of what Portofino actually looked like so I decided to look it up… The puzzle is in fact so like that I now feel like I have someone’s home framed in my living room ^^

Check out some beautiful shots of Portofino by other WordPress bloggers here

Miracle Garden – Peacocks


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Of course, every park has at least one spot that you just have to take pictures… For Miracle Garden, I think it was here with the peacocks! 


This is my last post for the Miracle Garden series. Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics and hope you’ll drop by when you get the chance! And don’t forget… Phase 2 is opening soon complete with… wait for it… a butterfly park!

For more information on Miracle Garden:

Miracle Garden- Floral Junkyard


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So as we lost ourselves in the park we came across something absolutely stunning… 20140222_130305

A graveyard of cars…20140222_114716

…bursting with life.20140222_114839Now this is a great way to re-purpose cars headed to the junkyard! :)

I don’t want to give it all away so there’s just going to be one more post before I end the series of my short trip to Miracle Garden!

For more information about Miracle Garden:

Miracle Garden – Floral Canopies


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After wandering around Miracle Garden and getting lost in the maze of colours, it was time for a snack under the scented canopy… 
20140222_115456If you’re looking for more information:


Miracle Garden- Floral Arches


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So the family finally decided to succumb to my endless charms and nagging so we could visit Miracle Garden. For someone driving down for the first time, the directions are a bit vague and we someone how found ourselves almost there in one second and on the road back home in the next. We were starting to think it was called Miracle Garden because getting there was a miracle in itself.

We finally found the elusive turn and the park around the bend and let’s just say… I’d be willing to spend another hour on the road just to get there.


For a mere AED 20 entrance fee (add AED 30 for parking), it was like walking into paradise in the middle of a desert.


From the second you walk in it’s a visual feast…


If you’re visiting Dubai in winter, add this to your list of must-visit places!

I’ll be doing a series on some of the other beautiful sights from the garden so stay tuned! :)



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20140220_070253Everyone at work is usually surprised when they see the bunch of keys on my keychain… It may not look like it… but there are 8 keys in this bunch… ^^


House key, room key, car key, lab key, office drawer keys and … I’ve now forgotten what the last two keys are for O_o

I’d love to see what kinds of keychains everyone else carries… Leave a link to your blog in the comments! :)

Ooh… and the last two keys are for my locker (…knew I’d get there eventually ^^ )

Of fallen heroes… and ones who’ve lost their way


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Every childhood needs a hero… I had my fair share of heroes…strangely… all sportsmen. I’d stack newspaper clippings of them in my room, stick some on my door as a reminder that, in life, with hard work, everything was possible. It was enough to fuel me through high school, through university and on to the daily grind of employment. And that’s when all illusions came crumbling down. Not only could I see life challenging the age old adage of there being no substitute for hard work, but I saw my heroes crumble before me, no longer there to support that theory.

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I don’t pore over the books any more… I don’t scan through the clippings either… Live strong… Lie Stronger? The heart can be a rather unforgiving fan…

There are those who have fallen… and those who seem to have lost their way and those are the ones you silently root for. The ones who fight battles other than what you see on TV, whose opponents suddenly seem a lot worse than the guy in the Lane 5.

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Even heroes need a shoulder to lean on…
Wishing you a speedy recovery Thorpey! :)


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