The iHop experience


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A group of five sharing a meal at the iHop, Dubai… Catching up with friends

The mushrooms and spinach in the mashed potatoes made it all the more mouth watering

And no meal is complete without dessert especially when it comes in a stack of four fluffy pancakes lathered in cinnamon-y sugar!

Madonna Della seggiola


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My rendition of the famous Madonna painting by the Renaissance artist Raphael. I took my time with this one and am quite proud of it.
I would have loved to have met some of the artists of those times…the paintings from that era just leave me dumbfounded

The red dome


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Lunch with my parents at the Shangiri La hotel and when it came to dessert course I couldn’t help not pick this gorgeous red dome!
I let my spoon sink into it and tasted a rich decadent chocolate dessert. From the bottom up it had a layer of dark bitter chocolate with a bit of crunch to it topped with smooth chocolate mousse. To offset the sweetness and richness of chocolate it was then layered with a slightly tangy raspberry layer and then covered yet again in mousse. I enjoyed it to the last bit.



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