Transitioning from Surprise to Joy


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As kids, my brothers and I enjoyed ripping through that thin foil, gorging on the delicious milk chocolate shell in the shape of an egg and finally being able to build the toy within!

Sadly during the last few years the kinder surprise that we once knew and loved has gone through changes and is now reduced to kinder joy. Ironically I find no joy as I did in the past.

It was never about the chocolate but the inner plastic egg that held the toy…and in those times they were quite intricate like Asterix characters but now they are simple and barely require putting together.   

Billo Icecream


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So Billo Icecream is about a lot more than just Icecream.  It’s about Pakistani truck art decorating the walls and seats, dishes named after crazy quotes on the backs of trucks, chaat, gol gappay and falooda (and if you don’t know what the last 3 things are you need to get yourself to a Pakistani/Indian restaurant right away).

Choco Tartlets


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A dear friend was craving chocolate desserts and something mouth-size sp chocolate tartlets seemed like the right way to go.

My friend told me they melted in his mouth and they were quite the dessert. I love baking cause I get to see the end result and make people smile. 


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