The red dome


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Lunch with my parents at the Shangiri La hotel and when it came to dessert course I couldn’t help not pick this gorgeous red dome!
I let my spoon sink into it and tasted a rich decadent chocolate dessert. From the bottom up it had a layer of dark bitter chocolate with a bit of crunch to it topped with smooth chocolate mousse. To offset the sweetness and richness of chocolate it was then layered with a slightly tangy raspberry layer and then covered yet again in mousse. I enjoyed it to the last bit.


Al Jazari’s Elephant Clock


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20140830_105323_20140830170520861Housed in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, is a replica of Al-Jazari’s famous 12th century elephant clock – a water based mechanical clock. I’ve only ever seen another version of this in Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization.

Secret Garden


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CIMG2725My Mom is crazy about gardening and she wishes she had a little place to tend to; however, living in a flat does not give us much of an option. But that did not stop my green thumbed mom from creating a colourful garden at home. She has grown tiny watermelons, tomatoes to roses…she spends her mornings giving them the love and care to help them grow.




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