2 thoughts on “Sergels torg, Stockholm

  1. What is there to do in this building or monument?
    I really want to visit Stockholm so ..I have so much to learn yet!
    It is beautiful- the photo you took!
    and would you say that Stockholm is a city that is easy to travel around without a car? like…cities similar to Paris and New York :)


    1. This is the fountain in the city centre


      It is very easy to travel around using public transportation.
      Quick tips:
      -You can check how to go to and from anywhere on http://www.sl.se
      -It is cheaper to buy a month card than day passes if you stay around a week or more.
      -The metro and buses are not very crowded. Even at peak times they are tolerable :)
      -Couch surfing is a fun way to find a host :)
      -If you come in summer you can get a season city bike card for about 50 USD
      and get a map of the stops around the city. You can take each bike for up to 3 hours.
      -99% of Stockholm speak English! :) Swedish is not very different than English, so no worries!


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