Swimming with the Fishes…

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Welcome home fishies! :)

6 thoughts on “Swimming with the Fishes…

  1. Are those silver sharks in with goldfish?… Are you aware that they are a) tropical and b) grow to 30cm?… That tank is also waaay too small for all those fish. Ruykins can get to 7.5cm each. Don’t be too surprised if there’s any fish losses.


    1. Yep… silver sharks… I know they’re tropical (hence they get along so well with the goldfish :) ) but I didn’t know they couldn’t get so big! I’ve had goldfish before so I’m not too worried about the aquarium size for the goldfish but if I see the sharks growing quickly, I’ll change aquarium… :) Thanks for the heads up!


      1. But goldfish are coldwater, so you can’t have both… I’m confused as to what your set up is? Regardless they should never both be in the same aquarium. They also feed differently! Fancy tailed goldfish need sinking pellets to reduce the risk of them swallowing air into their stomachs or giving them swimbladder issues. Where as silver sharks need tropical flakes/live foods.

        Did the person at the shop give you any advise what so ever?….


      2. I’ve had these kinds of goldfish before and they eat the same flakes as the sharks… I’ve never had a problem with their feeding or with any swimbladder issues… I wasn’t aware of any water temperature requirements though… The guy at the store said they’d be fine in the same tank.. . :(


  2. I don’t want to discourage you from posting about your fish tank, it is such a fun hobby, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, makes mistakes at first and ends up literally killing their fish. Some people get discouraged and never want fish again. A few people read about the fish they get and give them a proper home. A simple rule here would be: Small fish for small tanks. But I really blame whomever you bought the fish from. I know this would be hard to do, you obviously like your Goldfish, but maybe they could go back to the store and you can ask someone knowledgeable about what kind of small peaceful fish you can have in your tank. Everything WonderfulWolf said is true. The other option is a BIGGER TANK which is always fun! (Lots of people sell their used tanks quite cheaply these days). Good luck to you and your fish!


    1. Thanks again for the advice! :) You’re right… I do have a soft spot for goldfish… :) I’ll see what I can do about the silver sharks and getting a bigger tank.


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