Most Influential Blog Award 2012

On 23rd February, we got the nicest surprise from one of our amazing readers Sheikh.Amna Rafiq who nominated our blog as one of her

Most Influential Blogs of 2012

We’re so honoured that you love our blog as much as we do *blush*
We can’t help but smile each time we think of the reason this blog started in the first place… best decision ever!

So keeping in mind the *rules* of getting this award, we’ve got to spread the love and nominate the blogs that we were most influenced by last year.
Our inspirations were so many of the wonderful bloggers out there and the talent and creativity that all of you stand for.

So here goes…
For sheer awesome-ness and always leaving us wanting to see more…

Our Most Influential Blogs of 2012

And tadaaaaa… Your Blog Oscar… =D


Because all bloggers deserve Oscars… :)

Hoping to keep you all entertained through the coming years…
Thank you for following us…
We <3 you guys

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