La Cure Gourmande


So yesterday, we decided to visit La Cure Gourmande which has finally opened up in Mirdif City Centre… Let’s just say, it was a really colourful experience. In fact the way the store is set up makes it look like you’ve just walked into confectionery heaven…
20130727_181108The second you walk in you’re surrounded by the cutest, most colourful tins (which make great gift boxes btw) in which you can fill up your goodies… Everything from fresh cookies, biscuits, chocolates, candy coated nuts, toffee, lollipops… you name it…

In fact you’re just spoilt for choice. ^^ We went with a pack of chocolates (the one in pink) and hand picked biscuits from around bout 15 different choices to surprise my mum… :D

I’m not sure how they called this place “La Cure Gourmande”… it seems to me I’ve become more gourmande than ever :P

2 thoughts on “La Cure Gourmande

  1. It does look like a confectionary heaven. I would browse the shelves forever, eat so many tasteful treats and then complain about all the calories I just consumed. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I know what you mean! You can try all you want but nothing beats freshly baked biscuits… The smell itself is usually worth all the calories. ^^ Thanks for the comment!


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