Children’s Book 토끼의 간 – The Rabbit’s Liver

2 days ago I got a beautiful gift from twochois– the Korean book
토끼의 간.  It’s the 10th book in a series of 20 traditional stories for children.


It’s a wonderful traditional Korean illustrated story for children and works great for Korean language learners like myself… The book comes with an audio CD which is great if you’d like to practice both your listening skills or your pronunciation.

20131207_155516The thing that struck me most about the book was the beautiful illustrations of all the characters. Super colourful! <3

20131207_162926-1 20131207_155258-1

Since the story is a traditional story, there is a lot of use of traditional verb endings… which you’ll recognize if you watch a lot of period K-Dramas :)

At the end of the story, they mentioned that there’s even a Pansori based on the same story called 수궁가. If you’re interested in listening to it you can find it in 7 parts here:

Verdict: Story Difficulty: Beginner to Early Intermediate – a great bargain
Pansori Difficulty: Ultra-super Advanced Supreme :P – an aspiration

2 thoughts on “Children’s Book 토끼의 간 – The Rabbit’s Liver

    1. ㅋㅋㅋ 한국 책 두 권밖에 없어요… ㅋㅋㅋ 이거 그리고 “인연”이라는 책… 시작했는데 좀 어려워요…그 책 다 이해할 때까지 노력해 볼게요! ^_^


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