Happy New Year Giveaway!

So December turned out to be the busiest time of the year and not in a yayyy we’re on holiday kind of way… Our blog-iversary came and went and so did the new year…

Now that things have relaxed a bit we realized all’s not lost… we’re still in time for Chinese New Year! We decided to do a little something for our wonderful blog followers…

 We’re doing our first ever blog giveaway!

Q1. What are we giving away?

– 2 Photo Calendars (1 Foodie Wall Calendar and 1 Flowery Table Top Calendar featuring some of our most popular posts) to a lucky someone

Q2. Why are we giving it away?

– Because you’re awesome and this is our way of saying,
“Have a beautifully scrumptious 2014!”

Q3. How can you get your hands on it?

Easy! You have 1 week to spread the love! :)

Comment on this post and let us know a little more about you :)
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… and we’ll randomly pick and announce our lucky winner on the 6th of February! If you’re the lucky winner, just send us your mailing address and we’ll do the rest! :)

Share your thoughts :)

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