Of fallen heroes… and ones who’ve lost their way

Every childhood needs a hero… I had my fair share of heroes…strangely… all sportsmen. I’d stack newspaper clippings of them in my room, stick some on my door as a reminder that, in life, with hard work, everything was possible. It was enough to fuel me through high school, through university and on to the daily grind of employment. And that’s when all illusions came crumbling down. Not only could I see life challenging the age old adage of there being no substitute for hard work, but I saw my heroes crumble before me, no longer there to support that theory.

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I don’t pore over the books any more… I don’t scan through the clippings either… Live strong… Lie Stronger? The heart can be a rather unforgiving fan…

There are those who have fallen… and those who seem to have lost their way and those are the ones you silently root for. The ones who fight battles other than what you see on TV, whose opponents suddenly seem a lot worse than the guy in the Lane 5.

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Even heroes need a shoulder to lean on…
Wishing you a speedy recovery Thorpey! :)

2 thoughts on “Of fallen heroes… and ones who’ve lost their way

  1. It’s almost akin to the feeling of losing a pet…you’ve invested hours in supporting this person, bits of adoration thrown in, only for it to be over out of the blue one day.
    The Armstrong ‘myth’ lasted for say 13 years (1999-2012), that’s about the average life for an Alsatian…


    1. Exactly… I decided not to throw away all the clippings if only just to remind myself that, no matter how sincere someone may seem, there’s always the off chance that they’re not telling you the whole truth… :(


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