Miracle Garden- Floral Arches

So the family finally decided to succumb to my endless charms and nagging so we could visit Miracle Garden. For someone driving down for the first time, the directions are a bit vague and we someone how found ourselves almost there in one second and on the road back home in the next. We were starting to think it was called Miracle Garden because getting there was a miracle in itself.

We finally found the elusive turn and the park around the bend and let’s just say… I’d be willing to spend another hour on the road just to get there.


For a mere AED 20 entrance fee (add AED 30 for parking), it was like walking into paradise in the middle of a desert.


From the second you walk in it’s a visual feast…


If you’re visiting Dubai in winter, add this to your list of must-visit places!


I’ll be doing a series on some of the other beautiful sights from the garden so stay tuned! :)

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