Roaring Engines: Toyota Supra

This weekend, most of the family was carted off to Sahara Centre where the Roaring Engines car exhibition is being held. Now Sharjah is home to its own Classic Car Museum but if your family, like many, associate museums with long hours of boredom, then you may find it difficult to convince them to tag along. That’s why having the exhibition in a mall is a great way to persuade them otherwise. 20140314_152202

Where to begin… let’s start right at the end. :) The cars are spread across three floors of the East Atrium so we’ll start with the yellow Toyota Supra, complete with yellow tinting, housed on the 3rd floor. 20140314_152241Crowning Jewel: The colourful engine. :)

To find out more about the exhibition:

If you think you can get your family to the museum… and remember entry is free from the 17th to 20th this March!

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