The Dragon Loyalty Award

This has to be the best way to kick off the weekend… by being nominated for a blog award! A big thanks to Tasmeea from Bittersweet Haven for nominating us for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!


So now that we’ve been nominated, it’s time to spread the love! The rules go something like this:

1. Display the award certificate on your website – Check! 

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award. – Check! 

3. Nominate another 15 or so bloggers who deserve this award.

4. Send the nominees a comment to let them know about their nomination.

5. Post seven interesting things about yourself.

Now since this blog is a joint blog we’ve put our heads together to nominate our personal favourite blogs and we’ve each picked a few things to tell you about ourselves.

Drumroll please before we announce our nominations! :)

  1. Depth of Feelings
  2. lemanshots
  3. Cee’s Photography
  4. Silent Moments
  5. Exploratorius
  6. EternalzPhoenix Photography
  7. The Weekly Minute
  8. Leanne Cole Photography
  9. Life, Photography & Other Mistakes
  10. talainsphotographyblog
  11. Perspectives on life, universe and everything
  12. Ritva’s Art- Photography
  13. Third Eye View
  14. Why? Matters
  15. Straßenfotografien

And finally… the most interesting part of this post… 7 interesting things about us.

  1. We’re all engineers *gasp* who met at university. We come from 3 different countries and speak 3 different languages.
  2. flukei : Loves food more than sleep.
  3. flukei: Loves cycling and programming. Not at the same time, of course. (Our blog header was taken on one of his cycling trips!)
  4. carrey1387: Loves baking and makes a killer pie…and cake…and all things bake-able
  5. carrey1387: Is an artist in the making. A good tip on how to get her to make something you really want…is to offer her Baskin Robbin’s Burj Al-Emlaaq.
  6. sarahz78: Loves writing letters. Not emails. Good old-fashioned letters.
  7. sarahz78: If sarahz78 wasn’t an engineer, she would like to have been an architect or a photographer or an astronaut or a writer or a poet (or if her parents had gotten their say, a doctor or a dentist)… Because she couldn’t decided which, she somehow ended up as an engineer.

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