Bird Spikes



Kemah Boardwalk, Texas: We encroach upon nature and expect the birds to not find homes among man-made structures and to show our dominance we install spikes that will hopefully ward them off. Although in a few cases the birds end up being harmed.
What’s even worse is that we are now using this method to ward off people too. I read an article regarding how in certain areas of London, people are having anti-homeless spikes installed to prevent homeless people from sleeping in their doorway.

2 thoughts on “Bird Spikes

  1. wow – how sad – and we had a friend here from Brzail and when he showed us photos of his pool – there was barbed wire fence all around it – so high too – and it was like – wow – and it fit right in to your topic and photo.

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    1. I know there are a lot of places that find ways to fix the animal/bird problems. I have heard of pigeons becoming a menace that people put out poisoned food! But I think it hit me even more when I read that article and I realised the truth that if you can’t be kind to animals then it’s just a matter of time before you move onto human beings. I wish people could be a lot more humane.


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