Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

  1. Brilliant photo. Love this capture, very evident that the lily pads are trying to drift to their purple wooden friends, en masse. I really like the texture and colour of the water in this one too. Well done :)


      1. That is a sharp eye you have. Sounds like the lilies were more exciting than the seagulls. Nah, just kidding. I’m sure the birds were entertaining too ;)


  2. I greatly enjoy this photograph… the angles of the bridge. The contrast between the horizontal lines and the fluidity of the water and lilies. The way the patterns of the peeled paint flow into the light patterns in the water. A ‘painterly’ quality that reminds me of Monet and that era. very rich. Thanks


    1. Thank you so much Arati! I really appreciate your thoughtful words :) I ended up taking the picture at the spur of the moment as I was waiting for seagulls to settle down on the bridge ^^


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