Sharjah Light Festival

20150213_204131_1This year we ended up going to the Sharjah Light Festival on the very last day so we were only able to catch the lights at Al Qasba.

20150213_202131It was a spectacular show and to be honest you’d be forgiven for not having taken any pictures because you just wouldn’t want to miss a thing.20150213_202423_20150225072324011The show that we watched included the history of the emirate and we were lucky enough to even see our university included in the show!
20150213_203043Next time, I’d love to go to the mosques and the Cultural Square to catch the light show.

If you have any pictures, do share them and let me know what I missed! :)

11 thoughts on “Sharjah Light Festival

    1. :) I took a couple of videos but I’m not sure how they turned out. If they’re good I might upload them next time so you can get a glimpse of the show too :)


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