Watercolour adventures

I think I tried my hand at painting first when I was around 12 years old. My mom was very particular about pushing us to better any talents we possessed and got me my first set of oil paints, palette and brushes.

I still have the same palette and still have the same feeling when I sit at my table ready to sketch and paint. I’m still an amateur but there’s only one way to get better and that’s by working at it. I am currently working on just getting myself to draw even for a few minutes everyday in my little sketchbook and hopefully it gets me to work on my quirks. And this is me working with water colours. Still trying to get the blending down but happy with my progress from the first work to the next.

So my husband is a huge huge fan on the anime Bleach and these are the main character, Ichigo’s, final forms.

He plans on framing these amateur works cause he thinks I’m crazy to think it’s not frame worthy.

Share your thoughts :)

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